August 16, 2018


Welcome to my very first blog post! First things first, my name is Monica Tucker, I live in Los Angeles, and I recently “officially” became an event planner and coordinator. Oh and did I mention, I'm the owner and CEO of 529 Premier Event Productions.

 My experience comes from planning countless events at my home for family and friends. I plan all events from birthday parties, retirement parties, housewarmings, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it! 


In addition to planning, I also provide day-of coordination services as well for clients who just need someone to put all of the pieces together on the day of the event.


Now I will mention that I’m still getting my feet wet with planning weddings, but I’m definitely all about learning and expanding my event planning knowledge with classes and written material.


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What will my blog be about?


Good question.


My blogs will be about party planning and entertaining and will be intended for readers who love to entertain and/or may not have an idea of how to go about it.


Maybe you have busy lives and just need an idea or theme to get started with your party planning. My aim is to blog about various tips and tricks, décor ideas, theme ideas, and unique takes on traditional setups for party planning and entertaining.


Pretty much everything that goes into planning and coordinating life celebrations will be covered in my blog.


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Can I actually pull off being a blogger?

Now with this being my first blog, I must admit, I was nervous and still am a bit uneasy about starting a blog… but here I am! With starting a blog came questions like:


What if I run out of things to talk about?

Will readers enjoy my content?

What will I even name my blog?

Can I even be a blogger?


All these questions and doubts starting running through my mind. But I had to get out of my head and just go for it! So I’m here, you’re here… we’re here together and I hope you stay for the ride!


You already know the drill!






What I want you to get out of my blogs?

After reading my blogs, I want you to feel motivated and excited to try out my suggestions and tips. I want you to be inspired and get your creative ideas flowing so that your beautiful party planning visions come to fruition! (Fruition is my favorite word, by the way)


Also, occasionally, I will be taking you on my journey as an event planner as I learn and grow in this field. So I’m not just here to give advice, I’m also open for suggestions and advice myself. I want this to be a learning experience for all.


What I plan to accomplish with this blog?

One of my goals for this blog is to make your celebrations a success with my tips and also give you a bit of knowledge I’ve gained from my experience in party planning.


Of course if you need my assistance personally, I’m available for hire. Click here to contact me.


Another goal of mine is to publish one blog per week, every Tuesday. This is the commitment I’ve made and I plan on sticking to it and holding myself accountable.


Thank you!

So if you made it this far down in my blog, I want to say thank you! I hope you’ll return every Tuesday to see me and check out what I have in store.


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If you've just recently started a blog, I want to hear about your journey and would appreciate any suggestions you have for me.


Until next week, Smooches!

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